(Government of Maharashtra owned Company)
An Overview
Maharashtra Cooperative Development Corporation Limited was incorporated under Companies Act,
1956 by the State Government in year 2000. Registered and head quartered in Pune. Incorporated as NBFC under the loan company class category.
Authorised Share Capital of the Company is 100 Crores.

MCDC Participation in Various Project :

  • Leading partner in the newly sanctioned government SMART project.
  • Implementing agency for newly sanctioned scheme for Cooperative societies.
  • Nodal Agency for State Run scheme i.e. Atal Mahapanan Vikas Abhiyan for PACs.
  • Implemented successfully scheme i.e. Earth Mover supply scheme.
  • Pandit Dindayal upadhyay Patsanstha thev Sanrakshan Yojna.