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MCDC Participation in Various Project :  

  • State of Maharashtra’s Agri-business and Rural Transformation Program  Project (SMART) -
Leading partner in the newly sanctioned govt. project called SMART. For project implementation, World Bank is making arrangement of outlay of Rs.700 Cr. for MCDC. MCDC will have  separate project implementation unit through which activities like a) Productive partnerships b) cluster development plans c) Market access plans d) Innovative partnerships e) Enterprises development & technical support to business activities f) Access to finance g) capacity building activities etc. of the PACs/ Cooperatives will be identified under the project.
  • Training -
Under Maharashtra Cooperative Development Corporation Limited, Pune Training Division, in order to double the income of farmers by the year 2022, it is necessary to provide a sustainable market for the agricultural commodities produced, increase the value of agricultural commodities, and grow the agro-processing industry. To this end, a five-day residential training program is being successfully organized by the Co-operative Development Corporation for the members / individual farmers of various executive bodies / farmer production companies / women self-help groups in the state.

Awards and Recognitions to Training Division MCDC:-

  1. Under NABARD POPI project nominated as a recognised training institute
  2. Government of India Agriculture Skill Council of India recognised as a Training Partner Institute
  3. Selected as a NABARD-POPI project Resource Support Agency (RSA)
  4. Nominated to undertake different Government Trainings

Objectives of Training Programmes:-

  1. To increase the value of agricultural produce and the source of income of the farmers.
  2. Creating opportunities for entrepreneurship and skills development in rural areas.
  3. Financial strengthening of co-operative societies, farmer producing companies, self-help groups and job creation.
  4. To guide co-operative processing industries in financing in the form of loans and investments.
  5. To provide guidance on increasing exports of agricultural commodities.

Training Duration:-

Residential Training: - 3 to 5 days

Online Webinar: - 1 to 3 days

Training Batch Size: - 25 to 30 Participants/Batch

  • Supply of Agricultural Input Management Activities -
Through Maharashtra Co-operative Development Corporation, Pune, it has been decided to provide agricultural inputs and services to various executive service societies / farmer production companies in rural areas. The Corporation has received the State Wholesale Fertilizer Sales License (LCFD 100169) from the Commissionerate of Agriculture, State of Maharashtra. The service of agricultural inputs provided to the farmer members through various executive service societies / farmer producer companies through the corporation will be provided in cash for the first year 2020-2021 on a no profit no loss basis.
  • Earth mover supply scheme or Jalsamruddhi yojana  -
Implemented successfully scheme called Earth mover supply scheme. Now this scheme is in the process of upgradation with innovative business models for PACS & renamed to Jalsamruddhi yojana. This scheme has funds of Rs.125Cr.for implementation with physical Target of 1000.
  • Coop Shop  -
Shops are being set up in the state through various co-operative societies for the purpose of permanent sales management for the sale of products marketed by the corporation. The products produced by the co-operatives will be available for sale locally. At present, 150 shops have been set up in the state through various working societies. They are getting good response from customers. The corporation intends to expand its scope in the future.
  • Atal Arthsahay scheme -
This scheme is  born with an objective of strengthening cooperative societies, financially along with development of sustainable business models ,profitability ,market access of farming community who are  members & shareholders of cooperative societies. Grant received for this scheme is Rs.500 Cr for 5 years.
  • Nabard POPI-  

Maharashtra Co-operative Development Corporation has been promoted to set up 05 farmers producing companies in 05 districts on 02 January 2019 under POPI  Phase 01 under the Producer Organization Promoting Institutions (POPI) scheme under NABARD. The aim is to set up a total of 25 farmers producing companies on 12th July 2019 under the POPI  Phase 02. Farmers' productive societies may be an association, organization, co-operative society, association or even a firm established for the purpose of promoting farmer's interest. The main purpose of the Farmers Manufacturers Company is to provide supportive services to the farmers or farmers to assist them in their production or post harvesting activities, while connecting small and small weed growers to the market. Farmers' productive societies or groups work to enable small and smallholder farmers to participate successfully in local, national and global supply chains. Under this project, a cluster selection of farmers producing companies, baseline surveys, capacity building, study board of the board of directors, awareness programs, board of directors, training of executive officers of the farmers producing company, obtaining government licenses, making business proposals. There is a lot of work to do. POPI  Phase 01: - 05 All Farmer Producer Companies in the Farmer Manufacturers Establishment have been established. According to the deliverables set by NABARD, the work has been completed in six months and the claim amount has been received by the corporation. POPI  Phase 02: - 10 farmers producing companies have been set up in 25 farmers producers' establishments. And the rest of the company registration work is in progress. According to the deliverables set by NABARD, the work of 16 districts has been completed in the first quarter, and the work of the rest of the district is on track. Outline for the future: - Proposals will be submitted for the Poppy Phase 03 through NABARD, under which the corporation can get the job of creating an estimated 50 farmers producing companies in the future.  Read Detail Information

  • Mahafarm -
In Maharashtra there are many Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies (PACSs), Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs), Community Managed Resource Centers (CMRCs), Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) which produces various types of agro products. But due to various reasons, including the cut-throat competition against the products of National and Multinational companies, their products could not be sustained in the market. MCDC  established a new brand to take care of branding and marketing of the agro-products & produce manufactured by various co-operatives. Thus for the strengthening of all these cooperative societies under Atal Mahapanan Vikas Abhiyan, MCDC has launched its own FMCG brand called “Maha Farms”. “Mahafarm” brand to sale the agri produce and products of the PACs, FPCs, SHG, CMRC, CLF in the Market. MCDC has initiated to develop the market to the products identified from various CBOs. MCDC has identified 100+ agro-products from various PACS, FPC and SHG from the various districts of Maharashtra. Out of these, 8 products with 15 SKU having unique quality and distinct taste are to be branded & sold under Maha Farms.Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Patsanstha thev Sanrakshan Yojana: Nodal agency for Pandit dindayal Upadhyay Patsanstha thev Sanrakshan Yojana. This scheme is evolved with a basic objective to avail security for deposits received from farmers and other depositors to Cooperative societies. More than Rs.57000 Cr. deposits are secured under this scheme.
  • Agri-Tourism Training-
  1. Economic development of agri-tourism center
  2. Entrepreneurship and skills development in rural areas
  3. To create employment opportunities in rural areas through agro-tourism
  4. Financial strengthening of co-operative societies, farmer producing companies, self help groups and job creation.
  5. To guide the agri-tourism and agri-supplement processing industries in financing in the form of loans and investments

Topics of Agri-Tourism Training:

  1. Scope and opportunities in agro-tourism industry
  2. Identification of individual qualities and choice of profession for setting up an industry in agro-tourism sector
  3. Various schemes of agri-tourism of Central and State Governments
  4. Certificates and licenses required for agro-tourism industry
  5. Project report for agri-tourism, bank loan proposal and ancillary matters and direct visit to agri-tourism center
  6. MCDC's marketing system to make agri-tourism business a success
  7. Success stories of successful agri-tourist centers