About Us | Maharashtra Cooperative Development Corporation Limited (MCDC Pune)

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About Us

Maharashtra Cooperative Development Corporation Limited was incorporated under Companies Act, 1956 by the State Government in year 2000. It is registered and having its head quartered in Pune. It is incorporated as NBFC under the loan company class category. It is fully owned by GOM having Authorised Share capital of Rs. 100 Cr. The current corpus fund of MCDC is Rs. 9.45 Cr. The corporation works for the development Co-Operatives, Farmer Producer Organization (FPOs) and Self Help Groups (SHGs). The objectives of MCDC areas under:

 Operate as a Loan Company Class (NBFC) – Term Loan, Soft Loan, Bridge Loan, working capital etc. to the co-operative organisation in Maharashtra.  

 Raise funds from State Government and other sources like Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank (WB), NABARD and other financial institutions for its objects.

 To provide consultancy services and financial assistance for expansion, rehabilitation, construction and marketing of Cooperatives, FPOs, SHGs.

 To provide Technical, Financial and Administrative advices to Cooperatives, FPOs, SHGs.

 To conduct Training, Seminars and workshops for Skill Development and Trade Growth of Cooperatives, FPOs, SHGs and Agro-entrepreneurs.

 To provide Marketing Services and convergence to other schemes related to marketing field to Cooperatives, FPOs and SHGs (forward & backward linkages in Marketing & Financial areas).

 To enter into Partnership and Venture Capital Agreements for production, manufacturing, trading and marketing of Cooperatives, FPOs, and SHGs.
Setting up of a Venture Capital Fund to support start-ups in agribusiness and co-operatives segment.